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  • One Platform. Endless Learning.

    Copia is a digital platform designed to help teachers align their instruction to learning standards and increase the rigor of their classrooms. Placing the text at the center of instruction, Copia enables teachers to unlock the power of technology, infuse digital media into their classroom, and provide a centralized location for a digitally enhanced classroom.

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  • Higher Education. Higher Standards.

    Understanding the dynamic and fluid nature of the college classroom, Copia's devoted staff partners with universities and works one-on-one with professors to bring their syllabi alive while preserving the unique nature of their curriculum. Copia also partners with hundreds of college bookstores, helping them ensure their students have access to any content they may want or need.

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  • Many Publishers, Many Classrooms, One Solution.

    In Australia, Copia has partnered with Learningfield to provide a comprehensive solution for the digital classroom. Through a single subscription fee per student, Learningfield has brought publishers together to build a comprehensive, standards-aligned, library of content that empowers teachers to make the decision about what they use in their classrooms.

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  • Big Thinking Leads to Global Results

    Taking our digital prowess to the international educational marketplace, Copia partners with major global publishers to aggregate their vast content libraries, and deliver them to classrooms. Personalized to fit each of the countries they operate in, Copia ensures publishers that their content libraries can be best utilized no matter the language or the format.

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Copia's Features

Digital Classroom

Copia is a digital platform that enables teachers to keep teaching how they always have, while seamlessly aligning their instruction to their learning standards and providing a single location to centralize all digital and print content.

Many Content Areas, One Solution

Through the use of innovative Copia technology, students can answer all types of questions, including teacher-generated thought questions or multi-step math equations, all conveniently embedded within the text.

Learning Standards Alignment

As classrooms shift to more rigorous learning standards, Copia becomes an invaluable tool to assist teachers in making these transitions. With a renewed focus on evidence-based reasoning and infusing non-fiction reading across the content spectrum, Copia enables teachers to make these shifts by bringing the text alive, and firmly placing it at the center of their instruction.

Instructional Differentiation

Copia creates a differentiated classroom, where students can be grouped according to their instructional level in terms of texts being read, math problems being assigned, or any other teacher-determined grouping.

Literacy Development

Builds literacy by embedding Checks for Understanding's and chunking of complex texts, and allowing students to highlight, stop and jot, or ask/answer comprehension questions.

Track Student Growth

Brings "the worksheet" into the 21st century by infusing tasks into the text. By centralizing all student work into one location, teachers can easily create digital portfolios for individual students. Also, teachers or administrators can now access this data to enable the tracking of student progress and growth.

One Portal, Many Devices

Copia is constantly synced with the cloud, which means that students can begin their work in class, continue it on their smartphones, and then complete it on their desktops at home. With the OS-neutral platform that Copia has championed, students can stay connected to their teachers and classroom anytime of day, using any device they choose.

Instant Assessment

Teachers no longer have to wait for the end-of-unit assessment to determine which students may be struggling. Copia enables teachers to assess their students in real time - as students read or complete classwork - which enables teachers to monitors the results and immediately intervene to provide one-on-one support.

Seamless SIS Integration

Copia teams up with Clever to provide integration with a school's data system, facilitating the secure integration of a class' data directly into the Copia portal.

Copia is for...

Teachers and Students

Copia offers a comprehensive solution that allows teachers and students to interact with digital and print content in new and meaningful ways. Coupled with LMS integration, Copia provides a seamless learning environment where student and teachers can interact, learn and collaborate in new ways.

Administrators and School Systems

Copia's solution provides meaningful assessment tools and student data that empower educators, giving them the ability to better track student growth and arrange impactful academic intervention. Partnering with Clever in many schools, Copia ensures a seamless and hassle-free SIS integration for all student accounts.

Publishers and Content Creators

Copia creates for publishers a personalized and white label experience that maximizes brand, monetization opportunities and audience. Copia also provides a powerful and robust multi-publisher solution for the distribution and seamless integration of a wide variety of digital content.


Copia in Action:

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